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Pranic nourishment - book - SPECIAL OFFER

Henri Monfort


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Book: Pranic nourishment – Another path to spiritual life


Henri MONFORT was born in 1953 in Brittany on the Pointe du Raz, in the far west of France. It is in this magical world of the Grand Large, the Ocean and wild winds that he made contact with the Forces of Nature. A shaman and a therapist, he now lives in Nantes where he began the experience of “Pranic nourishment” on 23rd November, 2002.

He also actively helps people through energy reharmonization, gives lectures and courses and runs his own website on pranic nourishment.

For 12 years, I have surveyed the “UNCHARTED LANDS” of the Realm of pranic Nourishment and this book testifies this. It seeks neither to prove nor to convince. Today, on this Earth, thousands of people live by feeding only on the energy of Prana, which is the energy of Life that composes all things: infinite, universal energy. It provides a concrete response to the major problems Humanity faces or is yet to face: food-related diseases, obesity and overweight, abuse of animals, plants and the Earth as a whole in the uncontrolled thirst to feed ever more people; the pollution of the air, water and the Earth etc…

Today, some pioneers are developing a new body calling for new criteria in preparation for a “leap” in evolution as predicted by Sri Aurobindo and Satprem during the last century.

I offer my infinite recognition to Dana Hájková for her work and her own testimony, as well as to all those who have contributed their accounts to this book and in general to all my brothers and sisters of Light.